Application _ NONTOXIC

The main idea is that can help people get the right information about how the chemical thing and hazard in our general living stuff effect to our lives. In addition. it suggests encouraging the use of substitution instead.

Abobe Photoshop / Abobe Illustrator / Figma

Application _ reCOVERice

This project is to provide a design solution for a topic that is a social issue. The topic is climate change and the main concept focus on the main issue of the arctic area.

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Hill Street _ Hill Avenue

The project is to design the website for Hillstreet’s launch of cannabis-infused wine. The main purpose is to develop feasible projects to deliver the needs of an existing client.

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This website intends to help teens with drug and alcohol addiction. It also aims to help the youth struggling with mental health, such as anxiety, ADHD, insecurity, and more. The website’s clean and organized layout arouses the teens’ interest and attention through images, colours, and illustrations. Through this layout, the target audience can rely on this website for engagement.

Abobe Photoshop / Abobe Illustrator / Figma