I am a designer like a chameleon

Just like chameleons change to surrounding colours, easily adapting to new environments and always trying new styles and colours rather than remaining in the same style is my design philosophy.

I am persistent, proactive, and organized

I fulfill my duties with rational thought, loyalty and responsibility. I always do tasks on my own before someone asks me. I am passionate about not only the design but a new experience. Systematic life and organizing habits have improved me and taken me away from failure.

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Work Experience

NCSAC (2021-2022) (Canada)
Freelancer (2016-2019) (Canada/Korea)
KIZM Education (2016-2019) (Korea)
Hanuri Education (2011-2014) (Korea)
YBM (2006-2011) (Korea)
SIM Creative (2005-2006) (Korea)


Niagara College International Student Award (2019-2021)
NC Presidents's Honour Roll (2019-2021)
Student RGD (2021)
Winner of #heyRGDmar (2021)
RGD Grad Award (2021)